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Weber Propane Gas Grill

Weber Propane Gas Grill

Weber Q300 Propane Gas GrillPeople that love grilling can talk forever about secret sauces and grilling techniques, but mention Weber and their eyes just light up. Weber has made grills since way back in the 1950s and if anything they have just gotten better. Weber has come out with the Weber Q and E series using refillable propane tanks. These grills light automatically or manually, producing a perfect controlled flame for grilling.

There is a Weber propane gas grill out there for everybody with prices ranging from low to fairly expensive. Although, more expensive grills usually come with more bells and whistles. Even a cheap Weber gas grill is a highly prized possession keeping grill owners beaming with pride. It really is hard to choose between all the models, but lets take a look at the best Weber and a cheaper model as well.

Best Weber Gas Grill

It is a hard choice, but reviewers keep coming back to the Weber Genesis E-320 propane gas grill as the best grill. This model is rated the best based on the price range and size. Most Weber grills last a good 10 years and this one looks like it will last at least that long if not more. Just recently, after customer input, the folks at Weber enhanced the Genesis models with more improvements making them even easier to use. Control knobs are now located right in front and burners are now perpendicular to the front cooking area. 

Grillers love the great variety of colors from which to choose on the Genesis models and three burners of stainless steel offering plenty of cooking area. Weekend barbecues are easy with 637 square inches of cooking space with an output of 42,000 BTU. In addition there is a special side burner on the side shelf. The Genesis E-320 rated as the best Weber gas grill also offers grillers cast iron grates with porcelain enamel coatings to withstand high grilling temperatures and long-lasting durability.

Women and men alike enjoy two food preparation areas constructed of stainless steel. The unit includes an enclosed cart for storing a propane tank as well as extra supplies. Reviews for the best Weber gas grill are five stars across the board. Reviews indicate even cooking temperatures with near flawless grilling. People also love the fact that Weber propane gas grill parts are so easy to get should they need replacing. The Weber Genesis E-320 averages about $750.

Cheap Weber Gas Grill

All of us cannot afford a top-of-the-line grill, but the Weber Q-200 comes darn close in quality without the price tag. The Q-200 is the perfect portable propane gas grill for tailgate parties, backyard barbecues and camping trips. People find the grate plenty large for cooking with 280-square inches and enough space to grill nine hamburgers at one time. The grill comes with the same high-standard cast-iron grates used in other full-sized grills. Cooking chicken, steaks, fish and ribs is also easier with side tables that flip-out providing plenty of space for grilling trays and utensils. Prices vary, but average costs for this cheap Weber gas grill is about $190.

Although, this model is considered to be a cheap Weber gas grill it still offers sufficient cooking space, good construction and everybody just loves it. Average reviews rate it at four out of five stars, where reviewers are happy with the winning design and ample cooking space.

For lasting quality and excellent designs check out a Weber propane gas grill for your next barbecue. Get top quality service from Weber grills. Entertain family and friends with perfect barbecues on the best Weber gas grill.